Bengaluru: Today, humanity faces perhaps the trial of its time as COVID-19 grips the world in its deadly embrace. It is observed that during such pandemic, one can see humanity being preserved in many ways. 

One such team doing its work silently along with its dedicated volunteers is Vivekanand Seva Mandal, Dombivli (VSM). They are following the instructions given by our honourable PM who has appealed to the nation to feed poor people as much as possible. 

During this unprecedented crisis, the organization has come together to help the needy who are running out of groceries. 

In this period of extended lockdown till May 3rd, VSM came to know that 44 needy students staying in a hostel near Kalyan were having difficulty in managing their livelihood as there was a lack of food grains and groceries. 

These ITI students have come here for completing their internship/apprenticeship from various villages of Vidharbha in Maharashtra. 

Students in the hostel were hungry as they didn't have anything to eat for the last two days. 

Apprentices from both the genders were staying in a chawl located at Vasar, a small village located in between Dombivili and Kalyan.

The students’ grief was noticed by one of the RSS volunteers from Kalyan and he passed on that information to VSM through network of common Swayamsevak friends.

On understanding their problem, it was discussed with VSM on how they can help these students by providing them with grocery. 

The first priority was to feed them as the students were hungry. Hence, the RSS volunteers from Kalyan served them ready-to-eat meals till the time grocery help arrived. 

Then, the VSM volunteers took the call and requested the students to make a list of the grocery that will be needed to fulfill their needs for a month. Once the list was ready, the next plan of action was to deliver it. 

During the lockdown period getting a tempo as well as grocery shop owner together to serve 44 students was a challenge. 

But, VSM volunteers managed the same with their commitment. The next challenge, of course, was the finance. VSM volunteers requested their friends and families to help. 

As it is rightly said where there is a will there is a way, the funding didn’t take time. People donated for the cause from Rs 301 to as much as possible. And for this, the amount needed to pay for the 44 students’ monthly grocery was collected in no time. 

A friend’s group from Dombivli took the responsibility and helped in this endeavour wholeheartedly. 

So within 24 hours, these 44 students got full one month’s grocery. Online money was transferred to the tempo driver as well as the grocery shop on time. And no one out of these 44 students will go hungry at least for next one month. This is the satisfaction that all corona Fighters are getting across the country.

About the author: 

Vipin Menon is an entrepreneur. Currently he works as an HR Consultant for IT firms. He is a social media enthusiast and a TV panellist.