Nagpur (Maharashtra): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on  October 8, performed the 'shastra puja' at the annual Vijayadashmi festival in Maharashtra's Nagpur city. While addressing the swayamsevaks, he warned against the 'conspiracy' hatched against India in the name of hate crimes like lynching. Bhagwat without naming any community, spoke about hate crimes and lynching. 

"We hear people of a community beat people from another community. It is not that only a certain community targets people. There are cases where what has actually happened gets twisted. However, the self-centred forces blame a particular community to stoke fire between communities," said Bhagwat while saying that naming Sangh in these incidents is a conspiracy.
Speaking of lynching, an issue that has been used against BJP and its government, Bhagwat said lynching is a foreign concept and society should know where this word comes from. He quoted an incident from the life of Jesus to hint where the concept has been derived from.
"Word lynching came from a foreign text where these incidents used to take place. We recommend strong action in law against such incidents. These people are trying to defame India in the world by citing lynching incidents. We should not give protection to these people for our political gains," stated Bhagwat.

Bhagwat further said in a global world all countries are mutually dependent on each other but India needs to focus on the strength of our own resources and trade with others on our own terms.

He added, “The entire country wanted Article 370 to be abrogated. This new government's first big decision was to infuse development and prosperity in all parts of the country and Jammu and Kashmir was included in that." Bhagwat went on to praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah for the work they have done towards abrogating Article 370.

 Meanwhile, defending the Modi government on the economic front, Bhagwat said that noted economists in the country believe that slowdown should not be treated as crisis.

 "They (economists) said this can't be called recession. India had a growth rate of 5% and during recession it goes down to 0%. Our business personalities are working to boost it as government alone can't do it. The more we talk of slowdown, the more negative impact it has on society and business environment as businessmen will then start taking preventive steps which can further damage economy," said the RSS chief. He maintained that India has strong foundation in form of self help groups and cooperatives and there is need to expand work in sectors like MSME, agriculture and tourism.