Bengaluru: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat reiterated that the happiest Muslims are found in India, adding that it is because of Hindu culture that respects the diversity in India. 

He said, “Hindu is not a religion or a language. Neither is it the name of a country. Hindu is the culture of all those who live in India... one that accepts and respects diverse cultures. When any nation has deviated from the right path, it has come to us in search of truth.” 

To emphasise this point, he added, “When Jews were wandering, India was the only nation where they got shelter. The Parsis practise their religion freely only in India. The happiest Muslims are found in India. Why is it so? Because we are Hindus.”

The RSS chief also lamented that many in India do not proclaim their Hindu identity. 

He said, “It is our Hindu Rashtra. Many in India are ashamed of proclaiming their Hindu identity. There are some who will say they are proud of being Hindu. There are others who will say they are Hindu, but show their annoyance at the continuous utterance of the word. There are some who are cautious about their Hindu identity. When you ask them behind closed doors, then they will admit that they are Hindus. Because their interests are affected.”

Ever since Modi took charge as the Prime Minister in 2014, there are allegations that Hindu majority has been taking over. There are also allegations that minorities are living in an atmosphere of fear, hatred and indignation. The RSS is being blamed squarely as being fascist and exclusive. 

Mohan’s speech to the intellectuals in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha does come as a healing touch and demolishes the thought that minorities are being ill-treated while India remains diverse and tolerates and accepts all religions and faiths to be different paths to the same destination.