Bengaluru: Journalist Arnab Goswami who was on a flight from Mumbai to Lucknow was heckled by Kunal Kamra, a so-called comedian. 

The behaviour exhibited by Kunal easily digressed into thuggish and rowdyish behaviour, completely condemnable. And as if he had accomplished something profound, this lunatic called Kamra even uploaded his act on twitter. 


The flight, Indigo flight 6E-5317, on which Arnab and Kamra were travelling was taxiing before take-off when Kamra walked up to Arnab. While air hostesses tried their best to pacify comedian, he refused to take his seat. Instead, he is reported to have said, “I want to talk to ‘this man’” which only meant Arnab Goswami. He was referring to the death of Rohith Vemula, who allegedly committed suicide. 

During his polemic against the famous journo, he is said to have used profane language and even terms like “bas***d” and lamented that he had ruined his life, forcing him to take some mental help. 
After his histrionics, the flight did take off after delay. But Kamra did not stop his vulgar and dangerous behaviour. When the air hostess asked Arnab if he knew who the man was, Arnab is said to have told them that he seems to be a “mentally disturbed” man. 

Even during the journey, it is said Kamra kept on abusing Arnab as he was watching a movie on his laptop. As the abuses and rantings went on, Arnab remained stoic. But this angered Kamra so much that he shoved his hand. But again, Arnab remained calm and told him politely not to do such things. 

Sources also add that the pilot had to intervene and asked Kamra to take his seat, adding that movement while a journey was on was not acceptable. 

And as the flight reached its destination, Arnab deboarded the flight and left almost immediately, but Kamra continued to spray more abuses. 

Several people on Twitter have condemned the action. 


Later in the day, Indigo took cognisance of the whole episode and debarred him for a period of six months.