New Delhi: The Congress on Saturday (September 28) appointed Rohan Gupta as the chairman of the party's social media department.

He has replaced Divya Spandana aka Ramya who had quit the microblogging site Twitter in June this year and has been incommunicado for some time. "Congress President has appointed Rohan Gupta as chairman of Social Media Department, All India Congress Committee with immediate effect," a party release said.

Gupta has led the social media department of Gujarat Congress and his team is credited with the line "Vikas pagal ho gaya hai" which was used by the party in the campaign for 2017 assembly elections.

He has been a coordinator in the party's media department.

Reacting to the news, BJP's spokesperson S Prakash said, "It is natural that they replaced her as she had not been active since Lok Sabha elections. I hope the newcomer will be more sensible in putting up messages on social media. He also said that the toxic nature of tweets of Divya Spandana aka Ramya helped BJP gain more votes and popularity on social media." 

The party also appointed Gursimran Singh Mand and Baburao Munde as National Joint Co-ordinators in the Kisan Congress.

Ramya has been inactive in social media since June this year (after Lok Sabha elections). Recently there were rumours of her marrying rumoured Portugese boyfriend Raphael, but the news was announced as fake by her mother Ranjitha.

She had told that Ramya was asked not to post anything on social media.

Ramya was also criticised for not voting during the assembly elections last year nor during the Lok Sabha elections this year, from her constituency Mandya.

Ramya has not only been ousted from the social media chief's post, but she has been away from social media including Facebook and Twitter.

The actress turned politician is missing from the public scene and there is no news of her returning to the glam world either.

(With inputs from ANI)