New Delhi: TrueIndology has come to be known as one of the myth busters of history through its Twitter account with a cult following. But after the micro-blogging site suspended its account, for reasons best known to itself, it has now suspended its campaign account @IamTrueIndology as well. The campaign account was created to run the #bringbackTrueIndology movement. 

The account just within few days garnered a whopping 21,000 followers and had a single tweet thanking people for their support. The account was suspended after the tweet. 

TrueIndology's remark 

Taking to Facebook, TrueIndology, who chooses to remain anonymous, reacted by saying: “The mask is completely off. Twitter did not even bother to send a suspension mail. Did not even specify the basis on which the account @IamTrueIndology was suspended.” 

Arguing that even the new account did not violate any Twitter rules he said, “Granted, that Twitter has a rule clearly mentioning that "If you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts." But it was mentioned in the bio that the account @IamTrueIndology was a campaign account intended to run the #bringbackTrueIndology movement. @IamTrueIndology did not claim to be a backup account. The account was suspended after a single tweet was made thanking those who helped in #bringbackTrueIndology campaign.”

Many of his well-wishers, however, seem to have predicted this event much earlier. 

This is not the first time that Twitter has been accused of bullying and stifling the freedom of expression based on their political leanings. Earlier another Twitter handle that goes by the name of @iAnkurSingh too was abruptly suspended without any reason. It was restored after a huge backlash. In fact, the parliamentary committee on information and technology too had summoned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to explain the allegations of being biased. 

Earlier incident 

Earlier writing for MyNation, TrueIndology talked about a vicious campaign against him to stifle his efforts to counter popular narratives. He wrote, “Twitter does not seem to have a mechanism to check such controlled, coordinated reporting and my handle has often fallen victim to such tactics. This time, however, I was subjected to the most vicious hounding, inhuman behaviour and concerted human rights violation by a gang of handles causing deliberate mental agony, after my Twitter discussion with a communist comrade who claimed that all the people of Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Arunachal etc. consume beef.”

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Talking about the online hate and bigotry he has been subjected to, he wrote, “What happened next, will definitely not be covered by BuzzFeed, WaPo, Huff Po or NYT! I was subject to something not unexpected from leftist hate mobs. But this time they exceeded all levels of bigotry by spamming my timeline with pictures of beef, dead cows, images of cow slaughters, images of cow skinned alive etc”.

But with such acts that are widely construed as systematic targeting during peak poll season, it has left many wondering whether and and to what extent the Indian electoral system can be ‘free and fair’ in the face of ideology centric targeting.