New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday (January 26), continued his 'turban tradition' as he opted for a saffron headgear for celebrations of the country's 71st Republic Day.

PM Modi opted for a "bandhani" print headgear with a waist-long trail. The saffron turban had prints in a brighter shade of the same colour, interspersed with the same pattern in yellow.

Every year, the Prime Minister adds a dash of colour with a unique turban for Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.

As Sunday marked his sixth Republic Day appearance, here's a look at his past outings with the headgear for the occasion:


In 2019, PM Modi wore a yellow headgear with a red tail. The turban also had a dash of green and subtle golden lines on it. His trademark sleeveless bandhgala jacket and white kurta completed the look.


In the year 2018, the Prime Minister's turban turned multi-coloured, coinciding with his multi-hued pocket square.

Dressed in a cream kurta and black bandhgala jacket, the mostly yellow, twisted headgear added to the grandeur of the occasion.


This year's turban stood out for its unique colour. In 2017, PM Modi wore a pink turban with a border and crisscrossed lines in a silver hue. The pop of colour, paired with his black jacket, with white dots, created a fresh look for the Prime Minister.


In 2016, PM Modi went for a bright yellow turban with subtle stripes of red. Deviating from his staple sleeveless jacket, the Prime Minister wore a full-sleeved bandhgala suit in a shade of dark cream.


For his maiden Republic Day appearance in 2015, PM Modi opted for a peacock style bright multi-coloured turban. He paired the 'bandhani' print headgear with a black suit for the occasion. The 66th Republic Day celebrations were graced by the then American president Barack Obama.

Not just Republic Day, Modi is also known for donning the traditional Indian headgear for his Independence Day speeches.