Bengaluru: Not every successful person in life has had a fascinating and glittering academic career. Not every dropout has been left cursing his fate, for not leading a successful life. 

Everything depends on hard work and one’s intent. 

Arshi Khan, from Madhya Pradesh is a counsellor. Unfortunately, she could not pursue her studies beyond 12th grade. But today, she is a successful counsellor, guiding many people. 

In December 2018, she started College Khabari, an online counselling platform, with just Rs 25000 with her. 

When she started, there were only 2 professionals with her. Now she operates with 25 people who care and counsel many of those who want a better career. 

Her turnover was just Rs 30 lakh in the first year. Now, it has gone beyond Rs 75 lakh. 

She says, “Counselling is done in different steps on our platform. There is an expert with you, who tells you about different career options and guides you step by step in choosing it. This counselling is based on the grade, interest and aptitude test of the student. Based on this, we help students in choosing the career and the right college for the same,” as reported by Dainik Bhaskar.  

She adds, "Apart from this, we create different types of videos on a video platform student news and help students choose the right career. Hobby and career make a difference. We help students find the right career”. 

They charge anywhere between Rs 1 and Rs 20 thousand.  
It certainly was not easy for her as she lost her father and was unable to continue studies. 

Now, they have expanded their business. She says, “After working for a year, we decided that now we will work across the country outside Bhopal and we came on digital platform”. 

Success is truly dependant on hard work and tenacity!