New Delhi: Amid constant threats of nuclear war by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the new IAF chief marshal RKS Bhadauria on Monday said the Indian Air Force was ready to face any challenges.

 "What he (Pakistan Prime Minister) said is their understanding of the nuclear and strategic aspects. We have our own understanding and our own analysis and we will be ready to face any challenges," Bhadauria told ANI.

 Despite being snubbed globally over the Kashmir issue, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had on September 28 yet again warned of dire consequences in the event of a nuclear war with India over the matter.
 "If a conventional war starts between the two countries anything could happen. A country seven times smaller than its neighbour what will it do -- either surrender or fight for its freedom," he said in his maiden address to the UN General Assembly.

 "My belief is we will fight and when a nuclear-armed country fights till the end it will consequence far beyond the borders. I am warning you. It's not a threat but worry about where are we heading. If this goes wrong you hope for the best but prepare for the worst," Khan had said.
 Bhadauria had also said that the Rafale jets will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and will give the IAF an edge over Pakistan and China.
 "Rafale is a very capable aircraft, once we induct it, it will be a gamechanger in terms of our operational capability and when we use it in combination with SU-30 and other fleets which we have, we would have a serious jump in our capability. It will give us an edge over Pakistan and China," Bhadauria told ANI soon after taking over as the 26th chief of the force. (ANI)