Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri has agreed to undergo a DNA test in the bar dancer rape case.

Binoy had told Mumbai’s Oshiwara Police that he was willing to give blood samples and undergo the test.

The Mumbai court which granted anticipatory bail for Binoy had directed him to undergo the test if asked by the police. The court had also asked him to appear before the Oshiwara Police every Monday.

Binoy is accused of rape and cheating charges. The complainant is a 33-year-old former bar dancer who alleged that Binoy sexually abused her after promising to marry her.

She also told the court that she has an eight-year-old son from the relationship.  Binoy was interrogated by the police on Monday (July 8).

On July 2, the rape victim's counsel had submitted an affidavit with additional evidence, after which, the court allowed the accused time to formulate a reply based on the evidence and posted the case for the following day.

Binoy's counsel Ashok Gupta argued in court that there was “a discrepancy in the victim's statement and DNA paternity test” and demanded that the victim’s claim be disregarded. At the same time the prosecution argued that if the accused Binoy gets bail, he might destroy the evidence and kidnap the child.

Binoy's lawyer Gupta also said the victim was involved in other relationships and submitted a few images of the victim as proof. “Documents submitted by the woman in the court are fake and the signature in them are forged”, he added.

Earlier, the victim had produced evidence like the birth certificate of her son, in which Binoy is listed as the father.

Meanwhile, along with the birth certificate of her son, she also produced her passport and bank details, which has Binoy named as her husband.