Bengaluru: India is facing the worst of Covid second wave. Several people have died, several others are suffering. 

Hospitals are struggling to arrange oxygen while many are finding it next to impossible to hire ambulances to transfer the patients to the hospitals. 

While the issue is messed up, here is a story that reasserts humanity is not dead. 

An auto driver from Ranchi has come out in the open to offer free rides to anybody who needs it. 

So what prodded him to do the needful?

Well, last week, a woman who wanted a ride to the hospital did not find anyone as auto drivers did not honour her request, fearing covid spread. 

He says, "I am doing this since April 15 when I dropped a woman at RIMS after everyone else refused. My number is on social media so people can contact me," as quoted by ANI. 

India faces a second wave: 

India is facing the worst of the second wave currently. In the last 24 hours, India registered more than 3 lakh cases. 

Hospitals in several parts of the country are not getting oxygen, which has led the Prime Minister to hold an emergency meeting with officials and instructing them to step up. 

The air force and the railways have come forward to meet the demand as both the organisations have created special arenas to ferry oxygen. 

The DRDO too has pitched in, as it has built several hospitals. It has also transferred technology used in LCA to create oxygen.