Bengaluru: Indicating that New Delhi will supply Covid vaccines to other countries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that India will continue to share its resources in the fight against the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity to reshape the world order and put in place systems that can tackle the problems of today and challenges of tomorrow through an inclusive approach, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday.

While inaugurating the 6th edition of Raisina Dialogue session, he compared the Covid-19 pandemic with 'Third World War'.

He said, "The horrors of the First and Second World Wars compelled the emergence of a new world order. After the end of the Second World War, over the next few decades, many structures and institutions were created."

"But, under the shadow of the two Wars, they were aimed at answering only one question. How to prevent the Third World War?" he asked and added, "Today, I submit to you that this was the wrong question. As a result, all the steps taken were like treating a patient’s symptoms without addressing the underlying causes."

"During this pandemic, in our own humble way, within our own limited resources, we in India have tried to walk the talk, said PM Modi.

PM Modi lauded the country's efforts for supporting not just its own 1.3 billion citizens, but successfully supplying vaccines to over eighty countries, despite its own constraints.

The theme for this edition of the conference was "#ViralWorld: Outbreaks, Outliers and Out of Control".

The Raisina Dialogue is India's flagship conference on geopolitics and geoeconomics, held annually since 2016.

It is jointly organised by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Observer Research Foundation.