Bengaluru: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has collected answer scripts of a Raichur engineering student, who allegedly committed suicide. The probe team wants to verify whether the suicide note was written by the victim.

Last month, the decomposed body of a 21-year-old girl, who was studying in a private college, was found amidst the forest located on the outskirts of Raichur in Karnataka. The mysterious death of the girl caught nation’s attention and there was outrage on social media. Many alleged that the girl was raped and murdered.

The girl’s body was found hanging from a tree, with a suicide note nearby, written in Kannada. CID suspects that this letter was written by her. Sleuths examining her case have taken her Kannada handwriting samples from the answer scripts of her second Pre-University final examinations.

Initially, the CID investigators spoke to the girl’s family and college authorities for samples of her Kannada handwriting but there were no samples. They required a minimum of at least five to 10 pages of her handwriting samples.

Having no other option after approaching the victim’s family and college authorities, they approached the Pre-University Board as the last resort and got copies of her answer sheets written in Kannada. These answer sheets will be sent to the forensic laboratory for the handwriting experts to analyse them.

The police believe that not only the handwriting, but since the handwriting reflects the human mind and personality traits, the psychological condition of the writer can also be interpreted by studying the handwriting.

The police suspect the note was written by the victim herself, but they expect a deep scientific study by handwriting experts to determine if it was the handwriting of the victim or someone had attempted to copy it.