Bengaluru: "My name is Rahul Gandhi, not Rahul Savarkar. I will never apologise for speaking truth."

These words from former AICC president Rahul Gandhi should have come as a bolt from the blue for the Shiva Sena, which looks upon Veer Savarkar reverentially. 

The Shiva Sena, in collaboration with its ally, the BJP, in Maharashtra had sought Bharat Ratna for Veer Savarkar. But after dumping BJP and joining hands with the Congress and NCP, the Shiva Sena is getting more and more shocks from the Congress. 

In simple words, the Congress is dictating terms to the Shiva Sena. 

Firstly, the Shiva Sena voted for the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha. A shocked Congress sent palpable feelers to the Shiva Sena, expressing its disapproval over the issue. Within hours, when the bill went to the Rajya Sabha, the Shiva buckled under pressure, choosing to stage a walkout, rather than choosing to vote in favour or against the bill. 

A party like Shiva Sena, which thrives itself on the ideology of Hindutva, has created a blunder by joining the Congress and the NCP. Neither of these parties has any love for Hindus and Hinduism, always jumping at an opportunity to humiliate the majority. 

After Rahul Gandhi’s Savarkar’s outburst, the Shiva Sena was forced to react thus: "Veer Savarkar is an idol of whole country and not just Maharashtra. The name Savarkar denotes pride about nation and self. Like Nehru and Gandhi, Savarkar too sacrificed his life for the country. Every such idol must be revered. There is no compromise on this," Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said.

But the bigger question that remains unanswered is: Why has the Shiva Sena relegated its elder brother – the BJP – and decided to wed Congress and NCP? 

It may, evidently, be for the lust of power but Shiva Sena’s founder Bal Thackeray would be crying inconsolably.