Bengaluru: Rahul Gandhi posed a question on the floor of the Parliament today (March 16) on the banking crisis in India. 

The question was, “Banks are failing and I suspect more banks will fail as a result of the current global situation. The central cause of the failure of these banks, the central cause of unemployment is the stealing of money from banks in large numbers. I had asked a question, a very simple one, 'Who are the top 50 wilful defaulters?' Nobody gave an answer to this. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people who stole money from Indian banks will be caught and brought back. I asked PM the names of those 50 people and I did not get any answer," as reported by Republic TV. 

A little later, minister of state, finance Anurag Thakur replied to the question, but was interrupted. He said the names of the defaulters were put up on the website. 


The minister of state also accused Rahul Gandhi of being ignorant. 

Earlier it was claimed that his question was photographed. 


Rahul Gandhi has been consistently exposed by the ruling party for his gaffes. 

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi put himself in an untenable situation as he claimed PM Narendra Modi was clueless about dealing with the Coronavirus surge in India. 

But much to his dismay, it is solely due to the efforts of the Prime Minister that the government has succeeded, to a great extent, in making its citizens aware of the virus and its impact. 

In fact, even when he accused the PM of being lackadaisical during the Delhi riots, people pointed at him that he himself was not available during the riots, to calm fraying tempers. At that point in time, he was camping in Italy.