New Delhi: ‘Modilie’, the word supposedly found by Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the English dictionary, has been termed fake by Oxford Dictionaries.

While taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul had earlier tweeted saying, "There's a new word in the English Dictionary. Attached is a snapshot of the entry."

The photoshopped image showed Oxford Dictionary website (with minor differences in the logo) with the word 'Modilie'. And it was defined as: 'To constantly Modify the truth'.

Tagged as a noun, the word also had varying definition. One: To lie incessantly and habitually. Two: To lie without respite. The image also had words like ‘Modiliar’ and ‘Modilying’ listed as variants of the word.

BJP hit back stating that the word does not exist in the dictionary. Oxford Dictionaries substantiated the party's claim with its tweet stating, "We can confirm that the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries."


Even in December last year, finance minister Arun Jaitley's name was spelt as 'Jaitlie' by Rahul in his tweet. The BJP accused Rahul of "intentionally twisting the name".

Rahul also accused Modi of lying with respect to issues such as the Rafale fighter jet deal. He also blamed Modi of not fulfilling promises, while ignoring developmental issues.