Bengaluru: A day after Rahul Gandhi made the worst possible blunder of distancing his party Congress from the ruling coalition in Maharashtra, he rushed to make amends as he dialled Uddhav Thackeray and assured him that the Congress is with the government. 

It is being widely reported in media that Rahul offered his support to the Maharashtra government. 

As per sources, he said, “We are with Maharashtra at this point. Maharashtra government is more than capable enough to take a decision over how to fight the Covid-19 war."
The former AICC president had been criticised for washing his hands of the responsibility. 

NCP was quick to criticise him. Its member Majeed Memon said, “It is not right to say Congress is not part of the decision-making process. Its members are part of the cabinet and they are not providing support from outside.”

Maharashtra is undergoing the worst possible crisis as the number of Covid-19 positive cases are increasing by the day while Uddhav’s government is busy issuing instructions to people not to criticise it. In fact, a Marathi TV reporter has been pulled up for exposing the ills in a government-run quarantine. 

But the action to call up Uddhav and offer his support comes too late for Rahul Gandhi. The damage has been inextricably done and whatever amends Rahul Gandhi tries to make is as good as drawing a line of the surface of water. 

Probably, in hindsight, the Congress former president may have had understood his blunder, but he should have been more circumspect in dealing with such issues. 

When reports last came in, Uddhav Thackeray is having a meeting with other members of the coalition in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

As we write this report, the number of cases reported in the state is 54,758 - by far the highest among states.