New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi is once again hitting the headlines. This time for his statements on Thursday (July 4) where he said that he will engage in an ideological fight with the BJP and RSS with “10 times more vigour” than he did during the last five years.

Rahul was speaking to reporters after appearing in a local court in Mumbai for a defamation case filed by an RSS worker.

"I am with the poor, farmers and labourers. This fight (against BJP and RSS) will continue," he said.

Rahul described the fight as a fight of ideology. "I will continue the fight with 10 times more vigour than I did during the last five years," he said.

"Aakraman ho raha hai, maza aa raha hai (aggression is happening and I am enjoying," Rahul said.

However, these statements have only made the BJP point out that Rahul is only hell bent on fighting the saffron party while forgetting the “Bharat’s Janata”.

National spokesperson of the BJP, Zafar Islam spoke to MyNation where he said, “Rahul Gandhi is making such bold statements after resigning as the Congress president...all of this is nothing but drama.”

Islam further went on to say that the people of India have thrown Rahul out of the political battle and he is now making statements in order to stay in the limelight.

“The Gandhis will always control the party. Either through remote control means or maybe Priyanka Gandhi will take over. But one thing is clear, people have rejected Rahul Gandhi,” added Islam.

He further said that if the Gandhis are not in the lead, there will be infighting within the party leading to its downfall.

BJP spokesperson Ashwini Upadhyay stated that while the BJP was focused on fighting corruption, casteism, naxalism and communism, Rahul is fighting the BJP.

“Instead of fighting against us, he should fight against issues that the country is reeling under,” said Upadhyay.

He further added that Rahul was letting Bharath’s janata down while trying to fight the BJP.