Bengaluru: A popular website has reported, based on a video, that Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who has remained unreachable for Indian law enforcement agencies giving some really bizarre yet dangerous pieces of advice to Muslims who would become IAS or IPS officers. 

On being asked if a Muslim could become a bureaucrat in a democratic country like India, he said, “If you can follow the ‘deen‘ (religion), then, it is permissible. Else, it is not.”

The rabble-rouser also exhorted such aspirants to vehemently protect Islam and Prophet Muhamad. 

He said, “When they attack you, Islam or the Prophet, can you reply them back? Do you have the courage to reply? If you are timid and shy, don’t take such a job. If you can answer them and are bold, go ahead with it.”

He also exhorted such aspirants to follow Sunnah and Quran. 

“If you are a strong person who can face the criticism of the non-Muslims, attacks of non-Muslims on Islam, stay away from bribery, follow the Sunnah and Quran, go ahead with the job.”

In the same video, he goes on to say, “Not all, but the majority of IPS officers for sure are corrupt… If an honest officer goes there, he either becomes corrupt or he has to leave the job… The setup is such that if you don’t agree with them, then, they will make life difficult for you.”

This is ridiculous. But being ridiculous is not new to the Islamic preacher. 

He had once remarked how journalists like Ravish Kumar, who are known for their hatred for Narendra Modi, even though they may have done some good to Muslims, do not get to heaven, but stay in hell for their crime of ‘shirk’ or idol worship, which according to him is the biggest crime.