Bengaluru: Many aspire to do MBAs. But here is a man - Prafull - who abandoned it in order to realise his dream of selling tea and earn crores. Today, as he earns crores, he is a role model for others. 

Humans of Bombay adds that he failed in his CAT exams. 

In his 20s, as he was doing his internship, he also travelled far and wide. He began to work parttime and started saving up. 

At the same time, honouring his parents’ desire to do an MBA, he took it up. 

One day, during his pursuing MBA, he met a tea-seller and spoke to him about the nitty-gritty of making tea and selling it. 

Inspired by him, he bought a pot, lighter and sieve and started making tea and selling it. 

As he sold tea, he became famous in the locality. He used to speak to people about politics, life among others. People began recognising him as their own as they drank more cups of tea. 

It is at this point that he quit his MBA and began selling tea full-time. 

But life was certainly not smooth for him. Friends began taunting him for quitting MBA and selling tea. Family friends too made fun of him for taking up such an endeavour. 

However, a tenacious Prafull did not give up. Instead, he was strategizing as to how to improve his business. It is at this point that he came up with this idea of serving tea free to those who are single on Valentine’s Day. The idea was a huge hit and it went viral, earning him more visibility. 

He even started opening up tea stalls in weddings and marriages. He later christened it as MBA Chaiwala. 

With such success, he goes on giving lectures and says degrees do not matter, but knowledge does. 

In his tea business, he has earned Rs 3 crore till now.