Bengaluru: For a moment, forget about what the opposition might do to topple the newly formed BS Yediyurappa government in Karnataka.

The threat is more from inside, not outside.

As many as 15 leaders from Bengaluru alone are strong contenders for Yediyurappa’s Cabinet. Here’s a list of the aspiring men:

1.    R Ashoka, BJP MLA from Padmanabhanagara

2.    ST Somashekar, Congress MLA from Yeshwantpur

3.    Byrathi Basavaraj, Congress MLA from KR Puram

4.    N Muniratna, Congress MLA from RR Nagar

5.    Roshan Baig, Congress MLA from Shivajinagara

6.    K Gopalaiah, JD(S) MLA from Mahalakshmi Layout

7.    V Somanna, BJP MLA from Govindaraja Nagar

8.    Aravind Limbavali, BJP MLA from Mahadevapura

9.    Suresh Kumar, BJP MLA from Rajajinagar

10. CN Ashwathnarayan, BJP MLA from Malleswaram

11. SR Vishwanath, BJP MLA from Yelahanka

12. Ravi Subramanya, BJP MLA from Basavanagudi

13. S Raghu, BJP MLA from CV Raman Nagar

14. M Krishnappa, BJP MLA from Bengaluru South

15. CP Yogeshwar from Chennapattana (near Bengaluru)

The rebel MLAs who are camping in Mumbai will be eagerly looking at chief minister’s Cabinet formation. In the first phase, he is expected to induct 10 ministers.

While the rebel MLAs are fancying their chances, so are the loyalists of the BJP party who have played their role in toppling the HD Kumaraswamy government.

They are Ashoka, Somannna, Limbavali and Ashwathnarayan.

The Times of India quoted Harish Narasappa, co-founder of Daksh, a civil society group that studies electoral politics, as saying, “Depriving those who worked hard to topple the HD Kumaraswamy government of ministerial berths could lead to disgruntlement. Yediyurappa will sure struggle to keep everyone happy and the problem of plenty may come from Bengaluru.”

It is things like these the high command is worried about. It knows that the disgruntlement stemming from not getting a ministry might make matters more difficult for Yediyurappa, but has asked the contenders not to nurse any ambitions as of now.

While the Yediyurappa government struggles, the opposition ranks know that their task is cut out.