Nilambur: Good Shepherd Modern English school in Kerala's Palunda village, has refused to issue transfer certificate to its students, who have completed the SSLC. The school asked students to join the same school for Plus One, to receive the TC (transfer certificate). The school even asked the parents to pay the fees for the two years, Plus One and Plus Two, which is approximately 1 lakh rupees.

The parents said to media, that the school director George Philip asked them either to pay the fees or else to come with a court order. According to the school authorities, if the court says that they are violating the rules, then they are ready to discontinue the course.  Interestingly, the mandate is also written in the course prospectus. 23 students had passed out SSLC from this school and among them, six students had applied for TC.

If the students cant provide the TC while applying to a new school, then the students won't get the admission there and there is a specific date to submit the application in the new school. Parents allege that the Good Shepherd school is intentionally making these kinds of new rules to miss the student's opportunity to study in a better school. There is also an allegation that the school made such a rule to grab money from the students.

Meanwhile, the childline officials said the mandate was also a violation of child rights and the school was exploiting students.

The Child Welfare Committee chairman Shajesh Bhaskar said the school management argument was prima face wrong. He then asked the parents to file a detailed complaint. He also added that strict action would be taken against the mandate issued by the school. He also says that the school management doesn't have any rights to hold the students or parents.