New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation after the landmark decision of revoking Article 370 and 35A. He has pointed out and assured that the move will bring about a change on the lines of development, employment and education.

Prime Minister Modi pointed out that Pakistan took shelter behind Articles 370 and 35A and the scrapping of these two articles would ensure that peace is restored in the valley.

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“The people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh can now have bigger dreams and aspirations,” stated the Prime Minister.

PM Modi said that the status of a union territory would be temporary for Jammu and Kashmir, however, Ladakh may continue as one. But he ensured that Jammu and Kashmir will have its own Cabinet.

He further went on to assure equality across the country and stated that government employees in Jammu and Kashmir, including those from the Police department, will receive the same benefits as government employees in other union territories.

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PM Modi further said that all financial posts in Jammu and Kashmir, will be filled and this will provide jobs to the youth of the region.

Speaking about education and sanitation workers, the Prime Minister said that it was because of Article 370 that the daughters in the region were not given equal rights. He further spoke about sanitation workers and added that they were not given equal rights and there was no reservation for SC/ST in Jammu and Kashmir, unlike the rest of the nation.

PM Modi added that benefits of central schemes will now extend to the region.

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Throwing light on the tourism industry, PM Modi called for film industries across the country and the world to showcase the beauty of the valley through their medium.

PM Modi extended his wishes for Eid and stated that the festival will be celebrated in great fervour, but peace will remain. He also added that the centre will encourage those from the valley who want to pursue their dreams in the field of sports.

"Sports training, scientific education will help the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to showcase their talent across the world," said the Prime Minister.

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Addressing the part of the country that is not in favour of the revoking of the Articles 370 and 35A, PM Modi stated that while the Centre respects the views as a democratic one, it was doing everything in its capacity to show that there was thought behind the move.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his 38-minute speech in urging the people of India to come together in assuring and ensuring that a new and better Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh will arise out of this.