New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday accused the Congress of insulting voters by questioning the massive victory of the BJP in the Lok Sabha poll.

Replying to the debate in Rajya Sabha on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address, PM Modi stated that by questioning the mandate of the people, the opposition has done nothing but insult voters.

"After such a big mandate, you say you (BJP) have won, but the country has lost...If the Congress loses, is the country defeated? Does the Congress mean the country and country mean the Congress? There is a limit to arrogance," said the Prime Minister.

He further said that Congress’s language has only caused hurt to the voters of the country. PM Modi wondered if the victory of the Congress in Wayanad and Raebareli were also a “defeat to the country”.

"Due to narrow-mindedness and perversity of thoughts, if some people do not accept the mandate of the people by saying that 'you may have won the election but the country has lost', there can be nothing more insulting for our democracy than this," added PM Modi.

Noting that the Congress was not able to win even a single Lok Sabha seat in 17 states, he said it was time for the Congress to introspect and "accept defeat".

PM Modi also hit out at the Congress for questioning EVMs, which have been lauded globally. Continuing to take digs at the Congress, the Prime Minister stated that the Congress lost out on cases such as Uniform Civil Code and the Shah Bano case.

PM Modi further stated that the Congress never worked for the Muslim women and that it was his government that brought the bill for Women Empowerment and asked not to link it to religion.

The speech was concluded with PM Modi speaking on corruption wherein he stated, “There is no place for corruption in our nation. Our fight against corruption will continue.” He also urged people to build a "new India" together.