Bengaluru: The Indian Railways has added another achievement to its kitty. 

Its premier locomotive manufacturer Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) has unveiled the first batch of Tejas Express locos for push-pull operations, as reported by Mint.

Happy at it, Union minister of Railways Piyush Goyal termed this development as a significant push to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India initiatives.


The uniqueness of this locomotive is that it boasts of an energy efficient push-pull technology which reduces air drag and ensures greater stable at high-speed operations.

The website added that the locomotive is classified to be of ‘WAP-5’ type and is capable of running at 160 kmph due to the presence of 6000 HP capacity and IGBT based propulsion system.

It is interesting to note that the train being hauled by the Tejas locomotive will not need a separate diesel power generator car as its composite convertors will directly supply power to the coaches as well as the pantry cars for light, fans and air conditioning.

This will not only ensure less pollution and noise but will also enable the railway authorities to attach more passenger coaches.

Furthermore, the manoeuvring ability of loco pilots will be upgraded as the desks for the driver has also undergone a modification. 

While we write this, it is also worthy of mention that Indian Railways has earned huge freight revenue profits last month of September, compared to that of last year. 

Railways said freight loading increased to 102.12 million tonnes in September this year from 88.53 million tonnes in the same month last year, a jump of 15.35 per cent. Resultantly, the Railways earned Rs 9,896.86 crore in September this year, an increase of Rs 1,180.57 crore compared to last year's earnings for the same month. The increase in freight revenue is 13.54 per cent.