Visakhapatnam: A pregnant Adivasi woman from Vishakhapatanam's tribal region died due to the poor state of maternal healthcare in the area.  The incident occurred last week but came to light on Sunday.

Just days before she was due to deliver her child, Lakshmi died of excessive bleeding. Reports state that the 28-year-old pregnant woman walked nearly 20km to consult a rural medical practitioner. She walked to Boyithi in Madugula Mandal from her village Jamadangi to consult a doctor. After her visit, while she was on her way back home, she developed labour pains, and was carried in a makeshift stretcher.

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Soon after, due to excess bleeding, Lakshmi and her unborn child died.

Pedabayulu Police and revenue department officials conducted an inquiry into the incident.

Revenue officials have also submitted a report to higher authorities on the issue.

According to media reports, the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) office showed that the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) under its jurisdiction for 2018 up to January 2019 was 204.

In Andhra Pradesh, the MMR between 2014 and 2016 stands at 74 while India's MMR for the same period stands at 130.

In July, a pregnant woman died at a private hospital in Kasibugga in Andhra Pradesh's Srikakulam district. Her husband alleged that it was due to the doctors' negligence and claimed that hospital authorities did not provide her any treatment.

It is also reported that there is an increase in similar incidents in Visakhapatnam area as the nearest motorable road is several kilometres away from interior hamlets. This forces the relatives of pregnant women to carry them on makeshift stretchers, risking their lives in the process.