New Delhi: The newly elected 64-year-old minister of state (MoS), Pratap Chandra Sarangi is not only winning hearts of the people in the government, but the general public is also smitten by his simplicity. 

Wishes poured in for Sarangi after he joined Twitter on Monday. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh  (RSS) leader tweeted, “At the request of Modi ji, I created my Twitter account to keep my thoughts.”

While one internet user wrote, “Congratulations Sir !!! You are most respected n beloved person”, another person said, “Welcome sir, may God bless with all energy to serve the country”.

 Sarangi became the cynosure of all eyes for his Modi-like simplicity since he fought the 2009 Odisha Assembly elections as an Independent candidate. This real aam aadmi had been noticed and added to the ministry by Prime Minister Modi himself.

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All the politicians and attendees present at the ceremony on May 23, cheered and gave a standing ovation to the MoS. Sarangi was also given the title of “Odisha’s Modi” for his simplicity by various media outlets.

Since his oath-taking as the union minister, Sarangi has grabbed the attention of the common public and has been gaining admirers over the social media for his simple and austere life.

Who is Pratap Chandra Sarangi?

The 64-year-old who lives a simple life hails from Balasore. He has been giving away the maximum portion of his pension to educate poor children in Odisha. According to the locals, he has been dedicating his life towards the education of poor and has opened various schools for the tribals in the Balasore and Mayurbhanj District known as the Samar Kara Kendra.

He has been previously associated with the RSS and VHP and, has been the two-time BJP MLA from Nilagiri assembly segment and now has won the Lok Sabha elections from the Balasore constituency. 

The recent photograph of him packing his bags in his bamboo hut went viral after BJP won the elections. People applauded for Sarangi and called him Odisha’s Modi.