Bengaluru: In a development that augurs well for the Indian economy, the power consumption in the first week of April in comparison with that of last year, has increased, reports Hindu Businessline. 

It adds that power consumption grew nearly 47 per cent in the first week of April to 28.34 billion units (BU) over the corresponding period a year ago. What this signals is that the demand has increased substantially. 

In comparison with the present increase, the demand last year in the same period was 19.33 BU.

All thanks to the lockdown imposed last year, the demand had hit the nadir. But now with the demand increasing, experts are of the opinion that there is a resumption and recovery int eh commercial and industrial sector. 

But on the contrary, they have also expressed caution that another lockdown may well shatter the gains now earned in the coming days.  

After a gap of six months, power consumption had recorded a 4.6 per cent year-on-year growth in September and 11.6 per cent in October, the website notes. 

India sees a sustained spike in Covid cases: 

Unfortunately, the second wave has hit India, with the number of cases skyrocketing. And as the numbers hit the roof, state governments have imposed night curfews and are optimistically looking at a second lockdown as the best tool to counter the rise. 
At the same time, state governments have also ramped up bed facilities and testing facilities and oxygen to meet the demand. 

While all the steps are being taken to take the bull by the horns, central and state governments have also been requesting the general public to stay indoors, step out only if necessary and wear masks compulsorily, apart from which, washing hands and maintaining social distancing are also of paramount importance.