Tirupur: Police are yet to trace the accused responsible for sending four letters that were threatening in nature, to a corporation middle school in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

The four letters were sent by registered post to the headmistress, Krishnasamy Gounder Puspavathiyammal Memorial Government Middle School. One of the letters claimed that atrocities were allegedly taking place at a private recreation club was functioning near Aathupalam in Mannarai. The letter also claimed that several cases of sexual offences have come to the fore from this location, including the Pollachi sexual assault case.

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"The police were allegedly conniving with the club and permitting the illegal activities, which were affecting the school and college students," read the letter. It further read that if authorities failed to remove the club, then the school buildings and government offices would be blown off with bombs.

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Reports said that a senior school education department official said that they have conducted an inquiry and found that there was no threat to the school children. The official also stated that some people in Mannarai and nearby areas were trying to create tension.

Upon receiving the bomb threat, bomb detection and disposal squad conducted checks at the school campus and confirmed that it was a hoax.

The letters found their way into the campus on January 2, February 5, May 8 and May 9, with the sender's name as M Shahul Hameed and Fathima of Mannarai.

Media reports claimed that a senior police official had said that although a case has not been registered, investigations are underway to find the culprits behind the letter.

The Pollachi sexual assault case that the letter refers to was first reported in February where a college student was asked to meet one of the four accused, during the lunch break. When the girl met him, he asked her to get into a car and three others also sprung in. The accused, Sabarirajan, disrobed the girl when the three others were filming the entire incident.

Upon the complaint, the Pollachi Police unearthed the fact that there was more to this case than was first stated. It came to light that this group had sexually assaulted several women and filmed the incident in order to blackmail them.