Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first to take a Covid shot today as nationwide vaccination of persons above 60 and those over 45 with illnesses began. The Prime Minister was administered the coronavirus vaccine by Puducherry nurse P Niveda. The second nurse present during the process was Rosamma Anil who hails from Kerala.

When asked, the main nurse Niveda told the media that PM Modi chatted with her and asked from where she belonged. After receiving the vaccine, the PM remarked, "Laga bhi diya aur pata bhi nahi chala (Already done? I didn't even feel it)."

Meanwhile, the second nurse Rosamma Anil said it was the best day of her life as she administered the coronavirus vaccine jab to PM Modi.

Header: P Niveda and Rosamma Anil administered coronavirus vaccine to PM Modi

Rosamma Anil, said, “My name is Rosamma Anil. This is the happiest day of my life because today our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji came to our hospital AIIMS Delhi to take Covaxin. The Prime Minister greeted us and enquired from which state we were, how long we have been working here. My colleague and I administered the vaccine to the PM following which he was kept in observation for 30 minutes. There were no complications. The PM was very happy. When he was about to leave, he again came to us and thanked us”.