New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met for the Inter-Governmentlal Consultations. The two leaders signed about 20 agreements ranging from agriculture to artificial intelligence. 

PM Modi stated that the two leaders have chalked out key decisions on tackling terrorism and have decided to strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel was impressed with the way she was welcomed into the palace.
Merkel stated that she has learnt quite a lot about India. “Although it is hard to learn a lot in just one visit.”

The two countries have decided to step up waste management, provide clean water 

Speaking about agriculturalists, Merkel stated that Indian farmers constitute 50% of the population and is a major topic of discussion in India. 

On Saturday, she will visit a big German automobile facility in Gurugram, which has 15 centres across India and employs many people.

She will also visit a metro station along with Prime Minister Modi on Saturday, before leaving for home.

The metro station is equipped with solar panels, which is part of the know-how needed to set up smart cities.

Under the IGC format, the counterpart ministers from both countries will hold initial discussions in their respective areas of responsibility.

The outcome of these discussions will be reported on at the IGC Co-Chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Merkel.

The two leaders will have a separate engagement with CEOs and business leaders of both countries, said an MEA statement.