Bengaluru: With the entire globe in the firm grip of Coronavirus tentacles, PM Narendra Modi exhorted everyone to adopt and continue the practice of doing ‘namaste’ the Hindu way of greeting people that ensures there is no physical contact, further ensuring that the spread of viruses like the coronavirus are contained. 

He said, “The whole world is adopting the habit of greeting each other with a ‘namaste’. If for some reason, we have left this habit, it is the right time to adopt this habit once again, instead of going for a handshake."

He also urged his countrymen to remain vigilant about rumours. 

"I appeal to my fellow countrymen to stay away from rumours regarding coronavirus. I request people to not believe in hearsay and rumours on what to do and what not to do on coronavirus, whatever doubts you have please consult your doctor. Take advice from a doctor and do not be a doctor of your own," he said. 

According to the World Health Organisation, over 99,000 people have been infected and 3,400 deaths have been reported globally amid the outbreak.

Meanwhile, two locals from Jammu who had gone to the hospital for a check up on March 4 have been detected as high viral-load cases. 

Reports add that they had travelled abroad recently to Iran and South Korea. 

Prompt action by the administration ensured that both were brought back to the hospital in a matter of just few hours," Dr Shafqat Khan, Nodal Officer Corona Virus Control, J&K told IANS. 

In India the number of affected remains at 29000 while the confirmed cases stand at 31.