Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet on Monday night sent everyone into a state of tizzy. 

As he expressed his wish to relinquish the usage of social media, hundreds and thousands of his followers pleaded with him to relinquish his desire to give up. 

But today, putting all the speculations to rest, he put out another tweet, saying he would give his accounts to women who inspire us. 

He also urged and exhorted people to share the story of exemplary women using the hashtag #SheInspiresUs

He wrote, “This Women’s Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life & work inspire us. This will help them ignite motivation in millions. Are you such a woman or do you know such inspiring women? Share such stories using #SheInspiresUs.”


What the PM was a kind of social experiment. First, he made everyone inquisitive with his endeavour to say he wants to quit. 

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As he made his intention clear, TV channels went berserk, putting out theory after theory behind his decision.

Some said it was a consequence of using social media to spread hate and misinformation. 

Some others said he would start using an identical app, but with an indigenous touch. 

In fact, some of his most devoted followers even went to the extent of starting a hashtag #NoSir, urging him to reconsider his decision. 

And on the other hand, former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi even went to the extent of urging the PM to give up hatred and not social media. 

But the PM’s explanation has put all speculative theories to rest. 

It is a movement towards empowering women and giving them an ideal place to display their talents. 

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8.