Jalgaon: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing a rally in Maharashtra's Jalgaon district, ahead of assembly elections in the state, when he challenged the opposition to bring back Article 370. 

PM Modi said that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were not just a piece of land but the 'crown of India'. 

PM Narendra Modi said, "There was a situation where there was expansion of only terrorism, separatism & plot against ideas of unity & integrity. For us, J&K and Ladakh are not only a piece of land, they are crown of India. Every bit of that region enriches thinking & strength of India."

While camping for the BJP, he said that the opposition seemed to be speaking on the line of the neighbouring country on Article 370. 

"I challenge the opposition to declare in their manifesto that they will bring back Article 370," stated PM Modi. 

He further stated that today every world power was listening to India's voice. "The josh of new India is not due to Modi but your vote," he said to the gathering. 

PM Modi is in Maharashtra to seek people's support in re-electing Devendra Fadnavis as the chief minister for a second term.

"Maharashtra has got a strong and young leadership in the form of Devendra Fadnavis.​ Fadnavis ji has led the entire Maharashtra, every citizen of Maharashtra with integrity and wholeness, worked for social harmony," said PM Modi at a campaign rally in Sakoli.