Bengaluru: Today (September 17) is the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On a birthday, it is courtesy and good manners not to speak ill of the person who is celebrating it and wish him politely. 

But for the Congress, good manners or savoir faire is beyond its grasp! 

On the occasion of Modi’s birthday, the party put out birthday tweets, laced with unacceptable affronts heaped at him! 

First on the list is Supriya Shrinate, a Congress spokesperson who gifted him a pair of spectacles! 


Next in line is Randeep Singh Surjewala, who got a promotion in the Congress party this week. This morning, he put out a message on Twitter, mocking the Narendra Modi government over its handling of COVID-19 crisis and farmers’ issues. 


While you try to digest these hostilities against the Prime Minister on his birthday, here’s what another senior Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi put out. She targeted the Prime Minister with the ostensible reason of students and their future. 


Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi, who doesn’t know what to speak not has clarity on what he speaks, and someone who relinquished the president post as he suffered an ignominy in the last year’s Lok Sabha polls too put out a post with the hashtag #NationalUnemploymentDay. 


We are sure if a journalist or even a layman would ask the Gandhi scion as to how to improve the job sector, he would blatantly say “I have no information on it.” And history will corroborate this prediction of ours! 

It is needless to say that Congress has descended to a new low in Indian politics. Earlier, politicians used to show decency and avoided attacking leaders on personal occasions such as birthdays. However, Congress has breached that barrier and shown utter lack of decency today through the negative and devious political discourse, by trying to ‘celebrate’ the day as National Unemployment Day and continuing other vicious malafide attacks as well.