Bengaluru: A strong determination can take you places! 

Twin brothers from Jammu and Kashmir have done their place and parents proud as they have done exceptionally well in the NEET exams. 

The twin brothers in question are Gauhar Bashir and Shakir Bashir. While Gauhar got 657 out of 720 marks, Shakir got 651 marks.  

Life wasn’t easy for them as the father is sole breadwinner and he finds it difficult to make ends meet. However, with the pure perseverance to help his sons reach great goals, he struggled hard. He runs a grocery store. Added to his miseries were rules put forth in the aftermath of abrogation and the lockdown due to the pandemic. 

What one should also note is how his father did not allow his sons to lose their focus because of all these things around. 

He says, “We don't have much. Still we wanted the children to study and do something better. I earn barely Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 a month from my store. Along with that, my wife and I also do some work on the roads, so that we can spend for their studies. I am glad that my sons performed so well. He not only made his parents proud, but also made the entire valley proud.” 

Another youngster from the valley has also passed the exams with flying colours. 
24-year-old Waqas Iqbal Haji, living in Shopian's Bongaum scored 606 marks out of 720 marks in the NEET exams. 

He made use of the opportunity during lockdown to work hard. 

He says, “Mother wanted me to become a doctor. She said one day that I wish you were a doctor. That was on my mind. As soon as the lockdown took place in Kashmir and people were locked in homes, schools, colleges and the Internet were all shut down, at the same time, I thought why not take advantage of it. After this, I started studying NEET.”