Bengaluru: As the nation fights covid crisis, several philanthropists have come forward to help their countrymen. 

Some have helped people get oxygen cylinders and ventilators, some others have helped get vials while some others have arranged food for the afflicted.

Temples and mosques have been converted into covid care centres. 

Now, the Mahavir temple trust in Patna is going to provide free-of-cost oxygen from Friday (30 April), according to a report published in News18 India.

Initially, the trust is filling up 150 oxygen cylinders. 

People can use it free of cost. 

How India is fighting the virus as one: 

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has had its terrible effects on India. Many are deprived of Oxygen, hospital beds and good treatment. 

To mitigate the problem, several people are doing their best. Social media has turned into a platform to help, with several users highlighting the amplifying the requests their receive. 

In the same way, the Indian Air Force, the Indian Railways have created special ventures to ensure that oxygen is supplied to all parts of the country. 

Vaccine makers are working overtime to produce as many doses as they can and help people get immunity. 

To produce such vaccinations is a phenomenal task. And to distribute it to all parts of the country is another. 

Tata Medical & Diagnostics is engaging with multiple vaccine makers like Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and AstraZeneca for marketing and distribution deals, reports Economic Times.

Furthermore, the company is already tapping in on the network of pharmacy e-commerce platform 1mg which the Tata Group is in the process of acquiring. The company is leveraging 1mg's network as it plans to enter the COVID-19 vaccination after 1 May when the scope will be opened up to the private sector enterprises, as reported by Swarajya.  

It is in this way that the country has put up a united front while dealing with a pandemic on unimaginable proportions.