Bengaluru: Just days after the two Hindu monks were butchered by a mob even as the police looked on, the woman sarpanch of Palghar village where the killings took place has revealed that she took could have been killed, as reported by India Today. 

The name of the woman sarpanch is Chitra Chaudhary. 

For three hours, she says fought the mob in order to save the victims. But owing to the increasing number, she could not control them. 

"The cops managed to take one of the sadhus and the driver inside their car. When the cops tried taking the senior sadhu, the mob attacked him severely. His head started bleeding profusely. I somehow saved myself but the stone pelting was still on. If the police would not have come to my rescue the mob would have killed me too," the sarpanch said.

She added that she was facing threats now. 

"They have now started threatening me. Lot of stone pelting was done at the time of attack. One of stones hit me in my back...After coming home, I was unable to eat and sleep. I have no idea of what happened after that. I am still getting lot of threats. 

As of now, the police have arrested a hundred people in this regard. But surprisingly, she adds that some of them are innocent. 

She said "I demand that stringent action should be taken against the accused. Many of the arrested people are innocent, they should be released. All the people were from different villages."

She also spoke on what exactly happened there that day. 

She said, "I was in my home when people came to me and said that we have intercepted a car. When I reached there huge mob had gathered around the car. At that time I did not know they were sadhus. I tried to talk to them but they had locked the car from inside. I made sure that people do not attack them. I controlled them for three hours. I was alone and the mob was huge. They had weapons but I did not allow any of them to attack.