Bengaluru: The incident of two Hindu monks and their driver being lynched in Palghar, has left everyone shocked! 

The barbarity with which they killed the three speaks volumes of how law can be taken into one’s own hands and a kangaroo court can be set up. 

As the nation debates the deaths and struggles to come to terms with them, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has come out and assured that strict action would be taken. On his twitter account, he said, “Palghar is in Maharashtra where the CM is the son of Balasaheb, the Shiv Sena founder. Maharashtra is in India whose Prime Minister is of BJP. So you think this country will not bring justice to the criminals?” 


After coming in under severe pressure from all quarters, Maharashtra police has arrested 100 people and nine juveniles have been sent to reman home. 

Uddhav Thackeray said on Twitter, “The Palghar incident has been acted upon. The police has arrested all those accused who attacked the 2 sadhus, 1 driver and the police personnel, on the day of the crime itself.” 

He also added, “Nobody guilty in this heinous crime and shameful act will be spared and they will be brought to justice in the strongest way possible.” 


The incident: 

Around 200 villagers attacked two monks and a driver as they were on their way to Surat from Nashik. The three were lynched on the suspicion that they were thieves. The mob took it upon itself to question the three, beat them and killed them disdainfully. 
The police did intervene, but once the mob didn’t spare them as well, they did little. There were also reports that the police too were attacked. 

The victims were later identified as Sushilgiri Maharaj, 30, Chikne Maharaj Kalpavriksha Giri, 70 and their driver Nilesh Telwade, 30.