Bengaluru: A Pakistani couple living in Bangalore with fake Aadhaar cards and forged documents were convicted and deported on Saturday (May 11). As per reports, they have been handed over to Pakistani authorities at the Wagah-Attari border.

On May 8, Bengaluru Police arrested three suspected Pakistani nationals. The two Pakistani citizens Kashif Shamsuddin, 30, and his wife Kirhon Ghulam Ali (30) are residents of Chakragot in Karachi. They were arrested in May 2017.

Along with this couple, another Pakistani woman Sameera (27) who entered India illegally with them was also arrested. She is currently serving her jail term in Bengaluru.

As per reports, Mohammed Shihab, from Kerala, fell in love with a Pakistani woman called Sameera Abdul Rahman when he was working in Oman two years ago. They got married, but their marriage was opposed by both their families. When Sameera’s father came to know about his daughter’s marriage to an Indian, he took her back to Karachi and was kept under house arrest. At the time she was pregnant with her first child and she had a miscarriage in Karachi.

Shihab made plans to take her out of Karachi with the help of Sameera’s cousin, Kirhon and her fiancée Kashif as he knew that her father would find them in Oman again, Shihab decided to take Sameera to India through Nepal.

But before leaving, Kirhon and Kashif, who were also planning to move to India to escape from their parents, tagged along with them.

They have been charged under various sections of the Foreigners Act, Passport Act, and also conspiracy.