Bonn (Germany): While several countries have expressed their displeasure on China's treatment of its minorities, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has chosen to remain tight-lipped on the pitiful conditions of Uighur Muslims in China.

In an interview with a media organisation, Imran Khan had earlier spoken at length about the issue of Kashmir, but he said Chinese are "sensitive", and that's why Islamabad avoids discussing the Uighur issue with them.

When asked 'why he is not very vocal on the issue of Uighur Muslim but is very critical to India over Kashmir issue', Khan said, "Well, mainly for two reasons. First, the scale of what is happening in India is not comparable to what is supposedly happening to the Uighurs in China. Second, China has been a great friend. It has helped us in our most difficult times because of the economic crisis my government inherited. Therefore, we do talk about things with China privately, not publicly, as these are sensitive issues."

China has been condemned internationally for cracking down on the minorities living in their countries. China has been accused of oppressing the Uighurs by sending them to mass detention camps, interfering in their religious activities and sending the community to undergo some form of forceful re-education or indoctrination. 

When India abrogated Article 370 in August last year, Pakistan ramped up its rhetoric against New Delhi and had expressed concern over the situation of Muslims in the region. Khan even had called himself an ambassador of Kashmiri people.

Speaking to MyNation, BJP leader Tom Vadakkan said, "Pakistan Prime Minister maintains deafening silence on issues concerning the Muslim community in China. His position is that the Muslim community has been persecuted in India. But the reality is, Indian Muslims are respected and are treated with great care. Article 370 has nothing to do with the Muslims."

"China is considered to be a mentor to Pakistan primarily because of the interest that China has on Pakistan. China has been supporting international terrorists, who have been marked out by the UN and the country is (in a nonspiritual way) porting all the illegal transactions, both financially and militarily, and supporting the terrorists-manufacturing states of Pakistan," he added.

However, when it comes to China's treatment of Muslims, Pakistan has been mum, and when asked to comment on it, the Pakistan PM has tried to brush it aside saying that a lot is going on in its own country. The United States had also asked Pakistan to express the "same level" of concern about Muslims detentions in Western China as they do for Kashmir.