Bengaluru: Often, we have heard statements from self-proclaimed secularists like Congress leader Shashi Tharoor repeatedly saying that India might be converted into a “Hindu Pakistan” under the Modi regime. 

There is a theory that Modi government fuels itself on Hindutva agenda, relegating other faiths and religions at the cost of India’s plurality and diversity. Though such thoughts abound in India, a Pakistan human rights activist Arif Aajakia has debunked such thinking, by elucidating on several aspects on how Hindus have been a tolerant race. 

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As we go on listening to his informal talk on such issues, it’s hard to miss out on how he condemns Muslims and their superiority complex. 

1.    Muslims and superiority complex 

The activist adds that since Islamic invasion in India, Muslims have always been aggressive. They used to keep everyone under their fold. Asserting that he is a true Muslim, he confirms that he believes in humanity first. Stressing that there is always a thought that a Muslim is superior, he confesses that wherever they live, Muslims feel they are superior and further reiterates that Muslims live like occupiers. 

2.    Modi -Shah have given a fresh lease of life to Hindus 

The activist adds that Hindus are forced to live life subserviently. Even in textbooks, he adds that Hindus are portrayed in a negative manner. Stressing that India is a land with more than 80 percent Hindu population, he adds that Modi has given a fresh lease of life to Hindus by asking them not to live a life of apology. Touching upon the sensitive issue of singing Vande Mataram, he emphasises that no religion is so weak so as to not permit a Muslim not to sing Vande Mataram. 

3.    Conversion factory doesn’t exist in Hinduism

In what comes as a casual mea culpa, the activist admits that conversion exists in Islam and not in Hinduism. He goes on to give the example of how Hindu girls are abducted in Pakistan are force-married and prevailed upon to convert. 

4.    India deserves praise for its secularism 

Extolling India for its sincere practice of secularism in spite of Hindu dominance, the activist says India follows the UN principle of non-discrimination based on faith and religion. 

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