New Delhi: In an interview with the BBC, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said, “People in his country known to Jaish-e-Mohammed contacted the terror outfit, who claimed that there not responsible for the Pulwama attack.” This isn’t the first time that Pakistani politicians have blatantly stated that they are in constant conversation with terror outfits. Right from Parvez Musharaff to the current Pakistan PM Imran Khan, they have admitted to harbouring terror groups.

Qureshi also went on to say that there are “conflicting reports” on the involvement of the terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed as they group has informed that they have no role in this attack.

Upon being questioned as to who exactly got in touch with the JeM, a stammering Qureshi managed to arbitrarily say “people”.

This isn’t even the first time that Pakistan has admitted to being in conversation with terror outfits. A journalist by the name Anis Farooqui has on his show played clips that prove that top leaders in Pakistan indulge not just in conversations with terror outfits but also consider them their “heroes”.

Pakistani politician Parvez Musharaff has openly accepted that they harboured and supported mujahideens and the Taliban.

ournalist Anis Farooqui played this clip on his Prime Time show in which another person on the panel accepts that terrorists are openly bred in their soil. He even normalises it saying, “The madrasas of these terrorists and camps are well known to the Pakistanis. What more actionable evidence is required when the world and Pakistan also knows it. Pakistan is most definitely involved.”

In the BBC video, Shah Mahmood Qureshi speaks about investigating Masood Azhar, wherein Qureshi said that the court requires proof when action against any individual is taken. Since there isn’t any evidence now, he urged India to share details.

What also one must notice in the interview was the fact that the foreign minister repeatedly denied that the evidence against JeM claiming responsibility was evidence enough. Qureshi constantly seeks for “solid evidence” in a seemingly oblivious way as if to dismiss the fact that the video put out by the attacker was not sufficient. Shah Mahmood Qureshi went on to say that they had asked for evidence and were willing to cooperate but alleged that India didn’t pay heed.

However, Shah Mahmood Qureshi has spoken about talks between the two countries as the only solution to this situation. Alleging that India was not open to talks, Qureshi said, “The situation would not have arose if India had carefully listened to what Pakistan had to say.”

The Pakistan foreign minister also went on to say that India is making tall claims but there are no proofs or evidences to it. “India claimed to have hit three terror camps but where are they? India claimed to have killed over 300 terrorists, where are the bodies? India claimed to have violated Pakistani airspace for 25 minutes, but that’s not correct,” dismissed Qureshi.

Speaking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Qureshi said, “He has boxed himself up and has taken such an extreme position. The pendulum has gone so far that coming back would be challenging. But it’s the people of India that should decide. I can’t speak for them.”

Shah Mahmood Qureshi also said that Russian foreign minister has offered mediation and is willing to provide a platform for talks between India and Pakistan. “This could be a historic moment that two warring faction are sitting for negotiations,” claimed Qureshi.

However, the question still remains, what kind of evidence is evidence enough to take action against those responsible for such dastardly terror attacks? That too, when Pakistan has admitted to harbouring terrorists from Osama-bin-Laden to Hafiz Sayyed. When will Pakistan realise its folly? Must India really expect rational conversations from a country so blinded?