New Delhi: Padma Bhushan awardee and historian Romila Thapur has reportedly said that she is not willing to share her CV with the Jawaharlal Nerhu University(JNU) administration to recontinue as professor emerita. She was asked to submit the CV by the University to check records of all professors above the age of 75 to reconsider the status.

She said to India Today, "This status is given for a lifetime, the JNU admin is going against the basics, asking me for the CV now."  According to reports, the JNU registrar Pramod Kumar wrote to 87-year-old Romila Thapar and asked her to submit her CV last month so that a committee appointed by the university could evaluate her work and decide whether she should continue as professor emerita. 

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The statement said, "As per the ordinance, the university is required to write to all those who have attained the age of 75 years to know their availability and their willingness to continue their association with the university. Letters have been written only to those emeritus professors who fall in this category."

"Writing these letters as per the ordinance is not for discontinuation but for an informed review by the executive council, the highest statutory body of the university. Such a review is consistent with the practices at other reputed universities such as MIT and Princeton University where, as given below, the university has the right to review the academic contributions of the emeritus professors. They even have the right to rescind such appointments," the JNU administration's statement read according to India Today.

Twitter reacted with outrage and sarcasm. The users on Sunday (September 1) were quick to react and wondered if this is the time to call upon PM Modi and the ministers to produce their degrees.