Bengaluru: About a week ago, the Indian railways started what’s called Oxygen Express to supply the essential gas to all parts of the country. 

Now, these services have been expanded to Haryana and Telangana as well. 

As the railways supply the oxygen, it is estimated that the organisation would have delivered 640 MT in next 24 hours.

Telangana is also ready to receive it as it had sought the railways’ help in getting the gas delivered. 

“Railways is in full preparedness for providing oxygen transportation services to all the states in need. In the ongoing operation, States provide tankers to the Railways. Railways then proceeds in the fastest feasible mode to bring the Oxygen supplies from the locations and delivers it to the requisitioning State. The deployment and use of this Oxygen is done by the State Government,” the Ministry of Railways said. 

The Indian Railways set up the Oxygen Express to cater to the demand for oxygen: 

The Oxygen Express has been transporting Liquid Medical Oxygen and Oxygen cylinders to states across the country that are facing a shortage. 

Last week, as the scarcity was flagged off, ten empty tankers were moved from either Kalamboli or Boisar near Mumbai and sent to either Jamshedpur or Rourkela or Bokaro and Vizag for loading liquid medical oxygen tankers from there.

Ramps were being built at Vizag, Angul and Bhilai, and the existing ramp at Kalamboli was being strengthened. 

To facilitate easy and smooth transport of oxygen across the country, a Green Corridor was also created. This only ensures fast movement of Oxygen Express trains and secure supply of medical oxygen in bulk and rapidly to patients.

On Sunday (April 18), Western Railway held a trial at Boisar, where a loaded tanker was placed on a flat wagon, and all the required measurements were taken.

Road tanker T1618 with a height of 3320 mm was found to be feasible to be placed on flat wagons with a height of 1290 mm, taking into account the size of Road Over Bridges and Over Head Equipment at specific locations.