Bengaluru: At a time when India is a seeing an oxygen crisis, especially in places like Delhi, it is people who are going out of their way to help out citizens in whatever way possible. 

When it comes to supplying oxygen, it has become next to impossible, as we all know. 

Now, in Delhi, Shariq Hussain, who lives in the Jamia Nagar area of Delhi, has come forward to help out people. 

He lives in a small flat in Delhi and it has become a centre for supplying oxygen. His phone keeps ringing all the time and he doesn’t miss any. However, it is not possible for him to answer everyone’s call for oxygen. But he is doing his best to ensure everyone gets it. 

He says, “There is no oxygen in Delhi at this time. I have received calls for oxygen from several large hospitals. I feel so helpless. My car will carry oxygen by night. Only then I will be able to help”. 

It is interesting to note that he doesn’t take money from people. He says, “I bought cylinders from the little money I had and started giving oxygen to people. Now many people have come with me. My business friends are also helping. There are volunteers too.” 

In fact, he has a team of around a dozen people who are helping people get oxygen. 

He is now finding it difficult to get his cylinders filled. He adds, “Earlier our jumbo cylinder was filling at the rate of 500 rupees. Then we were asked for 1200, then 1700 and two thousand. We accepted every rate, but later we were refused. We were told that UP's Delhi cylinder will not be filled”.

While the difficulties still persist, he is doing his best. It is people like him who shine during a crisis.