Getting out of the comfort zone is the first step towards making progress. Looking at the top of the mountain while standing at the bottom of a hill and wondering if you could scale higher and reach the highest point in your sight. You start climbing. After a while, your stamina gives in, your heart gives in, your body hurts, but you keep going. You believe in yourself and take one step at a time. That is how you conquer a mountain.
These thoughts pushed Omkar Singh of Kashipur, Uttarakhand to continue his struggle of becoming what many only dream to become. The story of Omkar Singh is simple. It is not easy. It is simple. He does not know how to give up. The word ‘Quit’ does not exist in his vocabulary. He was not a fitness freak since the beginning. He was a regular small town boy, who had a lean physique. He started his physical transformation in 2016. While simultaneously handling the responsibilities of the family it was hard for Omkar to work on his dreams, but his determination made it possible. Omkar Singh worked in the gym and did as much as he could for the family and a year later he had transformed into a muscular beast. Not only did he work on his body strength but he also studied a lot about the diet.
Omkar explains that often people focus their energies on gyming and exercising and forget about the most important element of fitness - food. Since he began his career as a fitness trainer, Omkar Singh has had clients with different needs and he has served each of them very well. Whether it is a bride who wants to be in the perfect shape for her big day or someone who is a corporate slave and has gained too much weight while sitting on a chair or an upcoming screen artist who wants to look good in every frame of the camera; Omkar’s training sessions and diet plans have been fruitful for all his clients. His gym Evolve Fitness and Wellness was a dream come true for him.
By 2019, Omkar had made a name for himself. But then, in 2020 the pandemic took the world by storm, and gyms were closed overnight, leaving fitness trainers and gym owners like Omkar Singh in a tough spot. Again, Omkar had to assess the situation and make a plan best suited for his situation. He took it all online. He leveraged the internet and turned the tables on destiny. He now has a bigger client base than ever. He indulges in reading more and more about different types of diet. Omkar’s story is inspiring for many of us and helps us understand that no mountain is bigger than our desire to win.