Bengaluru: Your passion takes you places! 

Ranjan Soren and his half-brother Sunil Soren are testimony! 


The two brothers have a great passion for football. They used to play football in the slums of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. 

Now, they have been signed by Punjab FC for their sheer footballing prowess. 

Their father Ramachandra Soren, as reported by Indian Express, belongs to the tribal-dominated Mayurbhanj and is a construction worker. By the way, this is the place the sports aficionados rush to in order to pursue their passion. 

The website adds Sunil as saying, “When we showed interest in the game, our father would drop us off at Kalinga Stadium on his cycle every day. We used to play on a small ground with others from the slum.” 
And their finesse with football made others take note of it. 

A coach by the name JD Mohapatra took keen interest in them and began fine-tuning their skills. 

And as they began turning into fine footballers, Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS) noticed them in 2018. 

With rapid strides, the two brothers began leaving a mark. In fact, as the website notes, the two even got offers from Odisha FC as well. 

Sunil says, as quoted by the website, “We got offer from Odisha FC too but after consultation with my coach and family, we decided to join Punjab FC. We are hopeful of making our senior team debut in this I-league season.” 

“My coach says there is no need to fear anyone. I will give my best to uphold the name of Salia Sahi, city and the State,” he further says. 

The story of these two brothers is a story of how you translate your passions into profession. 

It reemphasises that if you are sincere and true to your goals, you will get all the necessary help.