One can imagine how better the development of the country will be if we have young people as politicians.

Young minds are bright minds and are well aware not only of the country's history but world affairs too. Social media has also helped them to be vocal about their needs and demands. One such young man who is ready to work for the nation is Ajay Sharma, an NSUI leader. 

In October last year, Sharma joined NSUI and pledged to work for the country and its people. He hails from Uttarakhand"s Haldwani city. From his teenage days, social science and politics have been his major area of interest. He decided back then that he will become a politician and help everyone around him.   

Ajay Sharma has been practicing what he preaches. As an NSUI leader and youth political figure, he was a part of several social campaigns held at Delhi University. These campaigns were held to spread awareness about safety measures that are needed to be taken amid the pandemic. 

The NSUI leader is also vocal about social matters and anything that's happening wrong. Recently, he raised a concern about the grant of 100 crores that is now stopped in 18 high schools/colleges in Uttarakhand. Ajay says if if the grant is stopped, it will create issues for the payment of teachers and school staff. 

Ajay Sharma wants more young minds to join politics and raise their voice. He says that today's generation knows how to speak up their minds. The NSUI leader says, "We see so many fierce youngsters highlighting social and political issues on social media. Imagine if these people join politics? I want to encourage more people like me to be a leader and change the present and future of the nation."