Bengaluru: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval gave a piece of his mind to young police officers at a gathering in Gurugram. 

Speaking on the occasion, the NSA stressed on the fact that the police should serve all and there should be no feeling that they are for the privileged lot only. 

"Law-making is the most sacrosanct job in a democracy. It is not done by an imperial ruler or from the pulpit of a religious leader but by the representatives of the people and you are the enforcers of that law," he told the gathering.

He was addressing the 'Third young Superintendents of Police Conference' organised by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), a police think-tank under the Union home ministry.

He said, "If you fail, democracy fails. If the police personnel are not able to enforce the law, then framing of that law is immaterial. A law is as good as it is executed on the ground.” 

He also underlined the importance of being dedicated to the law.

"In a democracy, it is extremely important to be totally dedicated to the law. You should be doing things fairly and objectively."

The aspect of perception creation was also broached the NSA. 

He said, "Perception gives confidence to the people, which enhances their trust level and makes their lives psychologically more secure.” 

The NSA said India being "enslaved" for long is sometimes linked to people's disenchantment with the police.

"Basically, we have been a society which has been enslaved for a very long time and an enslaved society always has a contempt for the people who are in authority and police is an instrument of government which has to enforce the law on the ground, which otherwise is only a scrap of paper,"

The best was reserved for the last. 

"If you (Cops) can't implement laws enacted in Parliament, what good are those laws? You are a law enforcement agency,” Doval said.